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Innovation for companies - About us

Welcome on IDF company’s page

Our company provides complete service of innovations for custumers – analyse, solution proposal, realization, documentation and training included.

Help you to grow up by complete concept of cuccsessful innovations

Innovations are proposed on the basic of suitable analyse. We provide changes in process, technic and organization. We carry out a change from proposal to realization, documents included. We support you by practical trainings, workshops, consulting and Industry 4.0. information. Our target is to increase the competitive ability as well as decreasing of costs.

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Quick evaluation

We identify weakness in organization chart, processes and in company’s results within 3 days. On this basic are proposed innovations, savings, meassurements and process controlling.

We choose the project targets alltogether. We check the project status after realization. We will support you in case of need.

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Complex approach

We know, the first is basic stability, setting and controlling of resources. After that we recommad you innovations and savings.

It is important right setting and linking processes to logic flow , desplayed in organizatiion chart with responsibilities. Also right setting of calculations is necessary for good profit of company. Clear setting of measurable company’s results for department and for each profession makes possible to motivate employee to better results.

Bottleneck management, effective comunication and problem escalation help us in operational management.

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Economic benefit

We can increase the competitive ability by systematic decreasing of operating costs.

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Our expert knowledge:

Very good knowledge of lean manufacturing methodologies and their practical implementation in manufacturing companies

Knowledge of IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and quality tools

Experience in executive and managerial positions

14 years of experience in manufacturing companies, mostly corporations

Monitoring current trends in industry, improvement and quality

Collaboration with professionals in Finance and Controlling

Our priority is added value for the client (saving time, costs, decision support, transparency and process efficiency)

Vision, misson and company’s values

We are the team of industrial engineering professionals with a sense of always seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Our job is to increase the prosperity of companies, reduce unnecessary costs and innovate for better competitive ability in our and foreign markets.

Customer feedback is important to us and we accept it with humility.

We like to keep educating ourselves to be able to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Our company was established to help also grow medium and small companies engaged in production and services. We know that these companies would also like to innovate, but they do not have large innovation teams or enough experience. That is why we would like to offer our services of innovation to these companies. We think that the share of medium and small companies should grow up in the market. We also want to support our purely Czech companies with our activities. Through professionalism and ethical principles, we want to gain the recognition of our business partners and develop a successful business in the long term.

We would like to build a high-performance innovation organization in the Czech Republic, and in time to establish itself in Europe.

Our task is searching for competitions and winning recognation for companies at local and national level to help grow the company’s share in the market.

We plan to cooperate with schools to develop and implement innnovation praktices

We would like to be involved in recycling

Business partners

Technologické centrum Hradec Králové o.p.s.
Technologické centrum


Due to technical problems, please send us messages to asistent@inovacedofirem.cz

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Simona Bidlová - Executive director

+420 723 689 718


Lucie Horutová - Assistant / event organization

+420 704 972 324


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